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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Traci - Lifeline

We are getting into the mileage now that it is really hard to always have water. Cori told me when she started this whole thing that she's either going to have to get a water belt or a Camelbak. Genius, I tell ya. If we start running long runs on trails, we won't be able to drive around first and drop water every 1.5 - 2 miles like we are used to. So, I went shopping. I personally didn't think I could do the water belt. I had it on empty and it just felt so heavy, bulky and in my way. I was going to get a water belt and a reflector vest. However, that combination was going to cost me about $70 (at Dick's, not online). Then I saw the Camelbaks. Low and behold they had one that held 50 oz. of water and had reflectors on it. All for only $38 (by the way, you can get it online for $25). Sold. Well, I was sold until I got home and started freaking out about actually using it. What if it felt to heavy on my back? What if it made me way too hot? What if my arms rubbed on it and caused chafing? I was scared to death to take the tags off. But 10 minutes before our run last night I decided I needed to try something, because I refused to carry a water bottle in my hand anymore.

My overall rating is 4 out of 5 stars. The only reason I would knock it a star is because I ran out of water around mile 7 or 8. But, I learned that I just need to wet my throat a few less times and to try harder to fill it all the way before the run. I probably didn't start with 50 oz. At first my back felt really hot with it on. But that went away after about the first mile, when the rest of me was equally as hot and it didn't stand out. It was really light weight and comfortable. I also like that it has a pocket for keys, gu, etc. I think next time I'm going to stick a Capri Sun or two in there too. I'm really pleased with my purchase, but I still need to figure out how to have enough water to make it through 12-20 miles. Any thoughts?


  1. I have a 4 bottle belt. I have only worn it once and wasn't a huge fan. I am hoping it grows on me. If it doesn't, I am getting rid of it and trying the camelback. I will be anxious to keep hearing what you think of it! :)

  2. They have a belt cb as well


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