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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cori --- Fragile! Handle with Care.

Jen and I have invented a disease, and we both have it.
It's called Glass Mommy syndrome. We are scared of "breaking".
We have discovered that since we started training, we are scared to death of getting hurt while doing anything but running.
Wrestling with the kids? Negative, Mommy might pull a muscle.
Bouncing up and down on a stationery bike at Ride 'n' Run class? Negative, Mommy might bruise her tailbone.
And now, I have to banish my favorite pseudo-crocs. (I can wear crocs without being a dork because I am in health care.) I have this fake pair that are navy blue, and I love them. But I almost slipped, not once, but three times this weekend. And by almost, I mean I skidded and caught myself before I hit the ground. I am an accident waiting to happen.
Goodbye fake crocs. I will only be wearing shoes with really good tread for the next 90 days.
I am not putting myself through ALL OF THIS, just so I can slip on the cement at Quik Trip and end up with a broken ankle.....


  1. HAHA this is the subject we forgot to revisit with traci on the last run...tread lightly my friends :)

  2. I wore shoes to work today that Brian called "the reason Mama won't be running the marathon."

  3. So true. I have been second guessing riding the wave runner this weekend. I told Kim... I CAN'T GET HURT!


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