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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Traci - Denial Week (Week 2)

So this past week has been pretty rough as far as training goes. I am not down any weight, nor measurements, but could I really expect to be? I have been eating like crap, not drinking 100 ounces of water a day (but still doing pretty good), not getting much sleep, not crosstraining, stressed at work, and oh yeah, through a holiday in there. I even missed the SL4. However, I have hopes that I am just getting this all out of my system now, while in week 2. Bring it week 3 and your 7 mile run tomorrow night!


  1. Blah blah blah, bad training week....and you could still smoke all of us. :) You're awesome, and I admire all that you do!

  2. yeah who needs that little L4 anyway :)

  3. You are doing awesome, don't get down on yourself! And Cori is right...you could smoke us, sl4 or no sl4. :)


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