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Friday, July 2, 2010

Cori --- Visions of Grandeur

I have quickly discovered my very favorite thing about having such a large running group. No matter how crazy our schedules, someone can always meet up to run. I love this! I can run alone, excuse me, with my iPod, but I'd rather not. And the five of us have very odd schedules, and children that still require childcare, so we're also dependent on our spouses' schedules. I'm married to someone in law enforcement, Nic is married to a firefighter---no nine-to-fivers there. But so far, we have kept in touch through texting, email, phone, and facebook, and no one is getting left behind.
This morning I had to wake up at 4:45am to meet Nickie and Holly for our L6 (See codes at sidebar). This is a big deal. I do not get up at 4:45am. I have only done it when someone I gave birth to needed to nurse, and .......no, that's about it. Like all night owls, I have set my alarm many, many times, with good intentions, but I can find the snooze button without even opening my eyes.
Our run was nothing short of glorious. Seriously. We ran at a BEAUTIFUL lake, with trails, wildlife, and everything. We saw a little snake, a deer, a frog, and a rabbit. We got to watch the sun rise. And the temperature! It was so cool that I was chilly before we started moving. My knees behaved, too. It just doen't get any better than that.
Now here's my confession that will probably get me kicked out of my group. When I was running, and so blissfully happy, I started thinking things like, 'This will be our FIRST marathon.....the first of many.......maybe we'll run that Goofy marathon at DisneyWorld, 26.2 miles the first day, and 13.1 the second......or maybe we'll just try to run one or two marathons a year to start out.....". I am nothing if not enthusiastic.
When we were running over this very picturesque bridge, Nickie cut in and said, "Isn't God good?" Yes, He is. I felt so blessed this morning; for my health, for my friends, for my family, and just for this moment in time.
Now, we can all refer back to this "honeymoon" post in a few weeks when I'm crying and whining because our mileage has increased.
Love y'all.


  1. There was seriously something in the air out there. It was magical. I love that air. :)

  2. Yep you are crazy. The entire time I was running I was thinking "I will never do another one of these stupid things."


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