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Monday, July 26, 2010

Cori --- Where's all my soul sisters?

Okay, all of the posts from my whimsical/gangsta friends' music collections are really making me giggle. Mainly because I have an iPod disease, also.
I would never hand my iPod over to a stranger, because these are the thoughts that I imagine would run through their heads upon listening to it:

"Really, white suburban mommy?"

"Who wants to tell the 35 year-old chick that it is no longer 1993?"

"Even in 1988, this song was not cool."

It's like I am scared that they can see into my head. But Nickie conveyed my feelings very well. When I'm in my car, my music choices are K-Love (Christian) and Country. But throw me in some running shorts, and it's like I change personas. I am no longer the wife/mommy/nurse/lovely Christian woman.
I am a bad ass.
I do the "Wazzup?" nod at people who run by me. I am Tough. I am ....cracking myself up.
In other words, I pretend that I'm not running home to ice my legs and then nuke chicken nuggets for my kids' lunch.

Here. Now you can laugh at me:

Mama Said Knock You Out. (You should hear my "Don't call it a comeback...")

Glamorous Life. (Oh, there are just no excuses for the love I have for this song.)

St. Elmo's Fire. (Doesn't everyone have a song that makes them tear up on the last mile? Best line..."Burnin' Up, Don't know just how far that I can go. Soon be home, Only just a few miles down the road." Oh, never mind.)

Right Now. (Because what is exercise without an 80s hair band song?)

Stronger. (I HATE that I like a Kanye West song.)

Get Back Up Again. (Finally, a song from K-Love. This is one of those life anthem songs. Love some Toby Mac.)

Let's Go Crazy. (If you know me, there is no need to explain. It's Prince.)

Lady Marmalade. (Soul sister....girl power....(sigh)...more embarrassment.)

I'm Free. (Because no cheesy collection is really complete until you throw in Kenny Loggins.)

And now, I have embarrassed myself (and my husband) enough.

By the way, let the record show that my kids are thoroughly enjoying these tunes. That's right, I broke them.


  1. You are cracking me up. I have a lot of songs I didn't mention just because they are "played out". But they are a lot less thugish. Think the "Footloose soundtrack". Or Eye of the tiger. Or crap like that. ha ha.

  2. Oh dear. I forgot Eye of the Tiger. It's number 12 on "Cori Runs".


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