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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jen- Music Moves the Soul

Started the day with butterflies in my stomach knowing that I was planning on doing my 10 miles today, on the treadmill..ALONE! As I drove to the Y I was scared considering last weeks 8 miler was hell and left me with a bad ATTITUDE. I needed a confidence booster in a big way. Playing out all the scenarios on what I would do to fill my 2 hours of time, talk with friends, listen to music, text my husband and watch TV. All of that planning and I only needed one today..ah music. I usually don't run with my I-Pod but today it was an awesome running partner, it motivated me through my entire workout and I want to share some of those songs that helped me along the way.

The run felt great finished in an hour and 47 mins. Mile 1-5 awesome but as the 2nd half started so did the sore legs but this song came across my play list, it reminds me of my dad. He was one of the reasons I ran my first marathon more on that later


Mile 7 feeling it but managed to run the next two miles at 9:45 pace thanks to these great songs

Done! I did it I was so happy and proud of myself that I actually cried in the YMCA haha and then finally

I am so grateful for this journey! I was so happy that I marched myself to McDee's and rewarded myself with a big mac..oh happy days :)


  1. Especially loving the Van Halen! :)

  2. Country, rock, rap and a little Disney....what a combo! My kind of girl! :) love it. All of it. Would love to know what else is on that ipod of yours. I am officially intrigued.
    I will say it again....LOVE MY IPOD. Gets me through.
    Way to go girl!!!!

  3. I have been working on new playlist for all so Nickie you will get a CD when Im done :)


  4. I am soooo proud of you. That is such a HUGE accomplishment that I know I personally cannot do. You rock!

    You know what I was thinking? We all hate the treadmill and we all hate the heat. None of us like to run alone. Do you think we could get 3 treadmills next to each other? Then we could still gossip! :)

  5. or 5 treadmills together, wouldn't that be a sight!!

  6. ohhh and...Jen...can't wait now...something to look forward to. THANKS!


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