What's Next?

Monday, September 17, 2012

It's Just Pain, Right?

So we did the 20 mile training run on Saturday.

Verdict: I don't know if I want to do this anymore.

I am not sure how I get myself into these situations. Wait, yes, I am. I am addicted to running, and I have a confidence problem. I have enough confidence for 5 elite runners. And I am only one, average carpool queen runner. And miles 0-18 have felt really good lately....so I thought I had this marathon in the bag. (Stop and laugh hysterically at that statement.) Let me tell you how impressive my arrogance is: On Friday, I tried to talk my girls into running a 50K with me. No, not 5K......a FIFTY K. That is 31 miles. I thought it would feel just like miles 0-18, only last longer. And we have some serious endurance. But that's the kicker, endurance is no longer an issue when you're a long distance runner. My lungs and heart could run a 100 mile ultra. No doubt in my mind. My bones and muscles vote no. And not just no, but HELL no.

Saturday morning, mile 19 kicked my arrogant little booty. Holy smokes. Wait, let's rewind, it really is more entertaining than that.

We were up and running by 5am. It was dark until 6:45am. We did about 10 miles in the pitch dark. Remember, we run on country roads...very few, or no, street lights. We used a cellphone with a flashlight app. We have headlamps, but only one of us thought to bring it, and that one was burnt out. We rock like that.

We cruised along, having our usual giggles until about mile 16. It started feeling more difficult, but usually we're done by 18 and so it's no big thing. By mile 19 we were all in quite a bit of pain for a variety of reasons that don't really matter. What it comes down to is this; no matter how well trained you are, your body starts to break down after awhile. And one of us became W-H-I-N-Y. And that one of us was ME. Jen and Traci were laughing at me and with me, and that was okay. I was even laughing at myself. I was a brat. By mile 18.5, I told them to forget the 50K, and maybe I might even forget the 26.2. What was I doing out here? Why was I running another marathon? Did I learn nothing two years ago? It is like going into labor with Baby #2. I now remember the agony, but I am dilated to 9 and past the point of no return.

I would love to tell you that the endorphins kicked in and I'm ready to rock that race in Minneapolis, but that would be a lie. I am kind of nervous now, and my heart is dreading it just a little. This might have been what I needed to properly get my head in the game over the next 20 days. (Gulp.) You have to respect the race.

Oh, and I may or may not have tweaked my knee last Saturday night while channeling a Solid Gold dancer and doing some kind of karate kick step. (If you're taking notes, I am not just stupid, but OLD, because really??? One little kick and my knee hurts for 9 days? What is that about?)

So now I will spend the next 480 hours tapering, praying, focusing, and remembering who I am, and who I am NOT.

Note to self: Not born in Kenya, but I can do this. And it is going to hurt. A lot.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Still Going

34 Days and Counting.

Mon---Weights and Eliptical x 60 min
Tues---7 mile Run
Friday---7 mile Run
Sunday---18 Mile Run

Well, this week I have learned that Power Bars "Harvest Energy" are pathetic at providing me pre-run energy. I usually favor the Snickers Marathon bars, but could not find one anywhere. So I felt like death from miles 0 to 7, and wanted to quit every step of the way. By mile 7, I had taken about 6 Shot Bloks, and I think that's the only thing that saved me. I have decided that I am done with GU for now. It is revolting and the makers of such a product have not earned my money by making it more palatable. (I am now sticking my tongue out and walking away.) So now I have to figure out how to carry 3 packs of Shot Bloks on race day, because I despise fanny packs and I can't tuck Shot Bloks in my bra and shorts like I can GU.

This week was hard. The 7 mile runs weren't bad, but by the end of the 18 everything on me hurt. Not sure what was different. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I feel ready for race day. It will be hard, but since we've done this before I know now that it's 90% mental. And I feel like we've got that part in the bag.

Favorite things this training go 'round? Compression socks. After every long run I go home, shower, and put on these skin tight socks. They're normally $50/pair, but we found a Groupon that got them for $25/pair plus free shipping. Not bad. My legs recover so much faster with these socks! Also, my Newton Gravity shoes. They are unbelievably fabulous and the best thing that ever happened to my running. They are also insanely expensive, but I promise to never buy more than 2 pairs per year.

Til next week...