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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cori --- Week Two Summary

Two weeks down and I am still walking---woo hoo!

Weight: 144 - Down 1 pound.

Training Log:
Friday -- L6
Saturday -- Off
Sunday -- Off
Monday -- EFX for 4 miles (Had a run scheduled, but it got rained out. And I DESPISE the treadmill lately. Cannot even force myself to do it.) Also did Strength Training on upper body.
Tuesday -- R3
Wednesday -- Ride 'n' Run (Biked about 10.6 miles, then ran, then did some strength training. Could hardly walk 2 hours after class. Decided resting the legs was mandatory before Friday.)
Thursday -- Off

Thoughts: No real issues to report, praise God. Feeling good, IT Bands not bothering me right now, and still having fun.
I need to work a pair of new shoes into my budget in the next month. I did notice that on L6 my pinky toe was rubbing, and it will probably blister once I up my mileage. (That will not feel too good when the really long runs start!) When you start going long distances, your feet often swell, and your arch also starts to flatten. A lot of runners lose their toenails. (Gulp.) I think I either need a shoe a 1/2 size bigger, or just one with a wider toe. Or maybe more cushiony socks? Hmm. I may be consulting the professionals after L7. We'll see...

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  1. ohhh cushie socks, I love my cushie socks (come on...you had to have known I would have socks too!) :) love stuff remember? :) I really really do love my socks though! In them now.


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