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Friday, August 27, 2010

Traci - Week #9

The main thing on my mind this week is the fact that we only have 2 more long runs left! This is very exciting, but also scary at the same time. That means the real deal is getting closer and closer.

This week was a little different for me. We ran our L16 on Friday morning and then our L17 on Tuesday night. I was a little worried about doing them somewhat back to back, as my body is used to getting a week off. My L16 was probably my worst run I've had yet. I never hit a runner's high. The entire thing sucked, and I sucked air the entire time. It couldn't be over fast enough for me. When it was over I took an ice bath, then a normal bath, then dosed up with ibuprofen and slathered myself in Biofreeze. I also took the rest of the day off from work so I got to sneak a nap in. I think all of the above things helped in recovery, although I was still very stiff.

Tuesday night we ran our L17 on the Millcreek Streamway trail. We started about 7pm and finished about 10:30pm. I kind of feel bad blogging about this, but this was an absolutely awesome run for me. I just wish the entire group could hook up and have a good run all on the same day, but it never happens. I think there were two main reasons I felt good throughout this run. The #1 reason I believe it felt so much better was the weather. It was absolutely beautiful! We couldn't have asked for any better weather. The #2 reason I think this run was better was my Gu intake. I started off by taking an entire packet of Gu. Normally it takes me about 5 miles to warm up, but with the Gu I truly felt like I got to skip the crappy first 5 mile pain. It helped put my mind in a better place. Then I continued to take Gu every 45 minutes to an hour, about 1/2 a pack each time. I felt great until mile 15.5 when my body decided it was time to quit; this was too far. I was just praying that I will be able to feel like this on the day. Now we just have to try to simulate this run 3 more times. One for 18 miles, one for 20 miles and then FOR 26 MILES!

Once again, I didn't cross train, I didn't measure, and I didn't lose any weight. Except for the 2 pounds that I like to gain every weekend and lose again during the week, but that doesn't count.

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