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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Traci - Week #6

Well, after tomorrow night we will only have 5 of the dreaded long runs left. Oh, except for the actual marathon, but oddly enough, I'm not dreading that one bit. I think that along with the adrenaline, there will be so much to take in that I'll enjoy it.

I've learned a few things this week.

Mostly how thankful I am to have such awesome people to be doing this with. I truly couldn't shouldn't wouldn't do this by myself. I would give up. Pretty easy to give in to myself. Plus, I'd get so bored running. See, I'm a social runner. That's the main reason I enjoy running. I like to talk and I love being with the people I love.

I've also learned the importance of health. Last year when we were training for the half marathon, 4 of us started out. Do you want to know how many of us crossed the line? One. Me. But not because these girls didn't have the will, or the heart, or the strength to do it. One broke the pact and got knocked up, one got bucked off a horse and broke her leg, and the other ended up with a severe IT band injury. I was heart-broken. I was still healthy, but it just wasn't the same without my girls. I pray for the continued health for ALL OF US throughout the rest of this long journey.

And, even though running is an individual sport, I've come to the realization that for us it's teamwork. None of us really want to get stuck doing a long run alone. We all have to plan ahead, juggle our schedules and find time to make sure that everyone always has someone to run with. This is hard when some of us work or have husbands who work M-F, some of us work on the weekends, between the 5 of us there are 11, yes ELEVEN, children and 5 husbands. That's a lot of schedules to work around.

And last, but definitely not least, I have a whole new appreciation for my husband. Training is physically and mentally hard on me. But, training is also physically and mentally demanding of my husband. There have been several nights in the last week that I have worked past 8pm. What does that mean? Dusty, pick up the kids, cook them dinner, give them baths and put them to bed. And oh yeah, as soon as I walk in the door, I'm off to run until 10pm. Guess I'll see you for a little bit tomorrow night. And then the process starts over. And you know what? He has never once complained. I keep waiting for the day that he gets fed up. When I walk in the door and he gives me the look of disapproval. That he throws in the towel. Thank you Dusty for being such a supportive husband. I couldn't do this without you.

Now, on to my week. I ran 11 miles last Friday, 5 on Monday and I did weights today. I know I have been slacking on my recovery runs and my cross training, but honestly, life has gotten in the way. I know the importance of them though, so I will be back on track next week. I'm too lazy to measure myself tonight, but I doubt they've changed... and my weight hasn't either. That's ok though. Right now I'm focusing on positive thoughts for tomorrow night's L12!


  1. Ditto to all of it. :) Especially the husbands. We owe them big.
    I'm actually looking forward to L12! I think I just want to try out my new flavors of Shot blox and my new PowerBar. :)

  2. Great post! We do have some rockin' husbands don't we?

  3. Traci, I just love you so much. You are so honest, so humble, and such a hard worker! You certainly found yourself a good man! Good luck with training!!


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