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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cori --- Week 6 Review

What does it say about my brain that I can't remember my workouts for the week if I don't consult the chart that I write everything on. Geeesh...

Tues....Strength Training
Wed....EFX 4 miles

Wt: 142 (I lost 1.5 pounds after I quit being so rigid with Weight Watchers. Go figure.)

Good week. I've been opting for at least 3 days off because the Long Runs are seriously taxing my legs. Trying to not push it. L12 felt quite fantastic for the first 11.5 miles. I got a serious high around mile 9, not sure if it was my Tropical Punch Shot Blox, or Jen's Sports Beans (Delicious! They taste like Flintstone vitamins!), but I was giddy. We were whistling and dancing to the Jazz Band in Parkville, (we were on a trail there), and it was one of my all-time best running experiences. Then, I stopped for a minute at 11.5, one of the girls was picking up a Gatorade that she dropped, and my right IT band totally locked up. I could barely walk. It happened that fast. I limped back to the car, did some stretches, but honestly, I was still in a great mood. I don't feel like it was a setback. I just started all of my strengthening from the P.T. this week, so of course I didn't expect to see results yet, but I had such a good run until then. And that's the farthest I have ever gone---11.5. I smile just thinking about it.

When I got home last night, I was still limping, and could barely do the stairs. While I was soaking away all of the grime and sweat, Johnny came in to give me the "I'm worried about you....." talk. But I still just felt.....happy. My leg has felt progressively better all day, and tonight I'm running up and down stairs again. No big deal, I hope.

Do I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will finish this race? No.
But does anybody? No.
Are there ever guarantees in life? No.
Am I scared? No.

I'm having fun. And I always knew that training was the longest part of this journey. I'm learning a lot, and it's all good. It's just a race. No matter what I have my friends, my health, my wonderful husband, and my running has gotten better every time. Whether or not I make it to 26.2, I won't let it diminish how much fun I'm having training. This is a blesssing.

I'm not wasting energy or precious minutes worrying about anything any more.

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