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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cori --- Running Assessment

Today was a good day.
I went for a running assessment at the Kansas City Orthopedics Institute. I met with a physical therapist named Chris Carson who specializes in treating runners.

And I now have another name to add to my list of running gurus:
1. Eladio
2. Galloway
3. Chris Carson

I heard about these assessments through my friend Rachel. Rachel is a triathlete, and she just finished her second Half Ironman on Saturday. Rachel has run more than one marathon, too. As a side note, Rachel is also doing Chicago, but she lives in Oklahoma, so that's why we never run together. Oh, and she is hardcore. (She has a $5,000 bike and a running coach---to me, that is hardcore.)
I met Rachel at KU, and then we went through Nursing School together, and we pick each other's brains from time to time. Rachel has the same IT band issues that I do. She has given me a lot of helpful advice in the last year. I would definitely not be where I am at right now without her wisdom.
So when my....flare-ups started again, she was one of the first people that I called. After I told her my story, it went like this:

Me: "So, do you think I should see a doctor?"
R: "Well, he or she will probably tell you to stop running for a while. Are you going to stop?"
Me: "No."
R: "Well, then start training with the Galloway method, use your foam roller, ice, and go get a running assessment."

I am very pleased with the quality of the assessment that I got. Chris said that mechanically I am in good shape. He said my shoes are good, too. After a few tests, he also said that I am very strong everywhere except my right hip and right gluteals. This is what is causing the muscles to pull up when I fatigue, and therefore make my ITB tight. I don't have many issues on the left, and he could tell that by palpating the ITB, and also because during his "tests", my left hip/glutes are much stronger. He thinks that if I isolate and strengthen these muscles, along with some special stretches, I will stop having these issues.

Houston, we have HOPE.

He doesn't know why my right side is so much weaker, but he suspects that just being female, and having my 3 kids so close together, could have something to do with it.
So tonight I start my fantastic, hope-building, butt-kicking strength and flexibility exercises.
Oh, and to the friend (who I won't name), who asked me if I felt like an old person going to the KC Orthopedics Institute, the answer is "no".

I felt like a jock. Ha!


  1. you know I said that out of love :) we old ladies have to stick together!

  2. Well, you can say those things to me....because you're older. LOL If the 28 year old smarts off like that, she's in trouble! :)


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