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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Traci - Week #7

I can't think about week 7 because I'm thinking about the start of week 8. Yep, 14 miles at 5am... before I head to work for the day. Could be interesting! However, I'm also very excited for it as it will be the furthest I've ever run. Pretty awesome stepping block in this adventure.

Week 7 consisted of a 12 mile run last Friday night and a horrible 4 mile run on Tuesday night. It was supposed to be the SL6, but with the heat, humidity and my crappy bronchitis/sinus infection crap I've got goin' on... it wasn't. Oh well. I think it was finally the run that everyone around me always worries about. "Don't run in this heat." "Don't overdo it." "It's dangerously hot, ya know?" I think my body finally told me, "Traci, this is the one you shouldn't push it on." Ok. I didn't.

I didn't reach any part of my goal of cross training this week either, which is really a bummer. I had great intentions, but a hectic week. I'm also too lazy to do my measurements again this week, but I feel the same. And, my weight hasn't changed either. Well, from Thursday to Thursday anyways. Last Thursday I was down 2 pounds. By the end of the weekend I was up 3. But now I'm back down.

Jen and Cori, see you at the buttcrack of dawn for our L14!

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