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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cori --- Week 8...remind me why I'm doing this?

Week 8....another joy....ha ha


Weight: 140 (Really liking this....but not sure that I'm not just dehydrated.)

I am not really in my usual long-winded mood, so here's the lowdown.
L16 did not defeat me....but it gave me a serious ass kicking.
My (what else) IT Bands started acting up at mile 4, so I stopped running. That's right, wisdom finally prevailed, and I realized that if I push through that pain, my leg will lock up. Been there, done that.
But my wisdom is somewhat outweighed by my determination. So I race-walked, between a 14 and 15 min/mile, with little bursts of running. And I finished all 16 miles. Alone. Without my iPod.
At times, this training is starting to feel like spiritual boot camp. And I wasn't aware that I had enlisted.
So the question of the day became, 'Does God care about things like marathons?' 'Is it okay to beg Him to help me finish?' (As if I haven't been.) 'Should I care so much about this?'

I got nothing, people. No answers. No wisdom.
But I am getting tougher mentally every day, and that's half the battle in this race.
I have no earthly idea how I'm going to roll if I have trouble with L17. But it's not even like it's something to complain about! Boo hoo, I can't run 17 miles..... Seriously? How many people ever try? I feel kind of spoiled when I get sad about this. I am so blessed that I don't feel like I have the right to be upset.

So I just keep going. Running when I can. Walking when I can't.

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