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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Week 2 Better late than never Jen

A little slow on the recap this week due to a bad attitude! Weight loss got me down this week even though I managed to lose another pound, I guess I wanted more :) Total weight loss from Jan 21st is 7 pounds and for fun this week I went back to our starting stats in June and was pleasantly surprised. Please remember that I was 6 weeks post Amelia so I had lots of water and baby fat to spare. The 2 biggest areas I lost where hips -4 inches and bust -3 inches..BOO! Overall, my fitness pal is working for me and its getting easier to go with out certain foods. Hoping
slimmer Jen = swift Jen. Got this song on I-Tunes this week and have played it about 100 times, Enjoy!


M - Ran 3
T - off
W - P90X legs
Th - Swim 800
F - L5
S - P90X arms
S - off

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  1. Jen, 7 pounds in three weeks!? That is absolutely AWESOME! Keep up the good work.


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