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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cori---Week 2

Mon---4 miles
Fri---6 miles, 59:30
Sun---4 miles, 39:10

I'm not trying to be obnoxious by putting times next to my runs, I just want to track progress.

It was a good week. I've learned that I can't stay away from the lap pool for 6 months, but I've never loved swimming anyway, so who cares if I almost drowned after one lap? :)

I'm thinking that I need to start fine-tuning my game. I have been lazy with the nutrition end of my training. I seem to have interpreted "gluten-free" as "I-feel-so-sorry-for-myself-that-I-can-eat-as-much-gluten-free-food-as-I-want". I keep thinking that gluten free and calorie free are interchangeable. Apparently not, says my scales. And one would think that cutting out most processed food and breads would be a healthy thing. However, I am resourceful. And an addict. Gluten free Chocolate Truffle brownies are currently stocking my freezer, and NO ONE CAN TOUCH MOMMY'S SPECIAL WHEAT FREE BROWNIES!!!! An excuse to hoard food. Just what I needed.

Oh, and the Coke Zero. Note to self, it may be calorie free, but it is not water.

What have I learned this week? Well, today while running I was listening to......Eye of the Tiger.....do NOT laugh at me. Anyway I was singing along to myself, shut up, yes I sing...."So many times, it happens too fast. You change your passion for glory." And then, since I was alone, I stopped singing to ponder those lyrics. (I am fully aware that I may never be allowed to run alone again because I sound like a crazy person.) Anywho.....is running my passion? Well, I like it, but I wouldn't call it a passion. My family is my passion. My faith is my passion. My running is.....my therapy. It saves my sanity in a way that nothing else can. Here's what I have learned about myself lately.....I am a hot head. I have a very quick and nasty temper. I have come to admit this to myself lately because I see it mirrored in my youngest. You are WELCOME, Coop. And it has been my proven over and over again, that when I am in a bad mood, running makes me happier. When I run with Traci and Jen, we usually talk it out, and then I feel better. But days like today, when I'm alone, I almost beat it out of myself. I was CRABBY tonight. Seriously irritated with my family for no real reason. I went out and ran 4 miles by myself. And for me, it was a fast and hard pace. The more I thought, the harder I pushed. My chest hurt. And the more my physical body wore out, the more my mind cleared. I felt good. When I came home, I was a better mommy and a better wife, and my family can attest to that. That's what running does for me. It's important. And also, just wanted to say Thank You God that I am finally training without an injury. It is a beautiful thing. Thank you.

Oh, and minus the Zen stuff, running keeps me from getting fat because I can't lay off of the Valentine candy.

Can't forget that.

Oh! And one more muy important thing----Gu is gluten free. Thank you, God again.

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  1. Thought I commented earlier today, but must not have saved it. You should be PROUDLY posting those times!


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