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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cori -- Who is this Speedy Girl? LOL

My memory is failing me.......I'll try to remember last week:

Sun---4 miles
Wed---3 miles Eliptical
Thurs--8 miles, 1:21 :)
Fri---Off (Could barely walk)

It is kind of strange to me, not to have the intense training we had with the marathon. I wish I were doing more. But truthfully, I don't feel good enough to do much more. I think I'm maxed out. The 8 miles was painful! That night wasn't too bad, but the next day....OUCH! I could barely walk. This new pace is just foreign to my legs right now.

I had to reintroduce Gu last week. I have decided that anything over six miles calls for Gu. And Biofreeze. The two seem to go hand in hand. Just the taste of that thick, nasty stuff about made me vomit. Memories.... But it sure gives me the fuel for the last few miles.

Oh, and I saw a surgeon yesterday. She's taking out my gallbladder, after the race.


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  1. Running and surgery, however, don't go hand in hand... so I'm glad the surgery is #2 on OUR priority list! :)


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