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Monday, February 14, 2011

Traci - Week 2

I've got a new obsession. My Fitness Pal app on my phone. It has made me WANT to work out... so I can eat. Eating is my thing. I'm never going to be a true dieter, I love food waaaay too much to give up the good stuff. But, if I want to splurge, I have to work out. Good trade off! This week my weight was all over the place. I started My Fitness Pal and I was 3 pounds up from where I have been hanging for the last year. That was Monday. On Friday, I was down 4.5 pounds from that. But, then the weekend happened, and after 1 week I am down 2 pounds total. That's good for me. I just hope it keeps going down. I still have 10 pounds to go for my ultimate goal.

M - circuit weights
T - SL4 39:57, and then walked on TM for 39 more minutes
W - off
Th - off
F - circuit weights
S - L6, 60:00
S - Tae Bo

I just have to note the L6, because it was a huge milestone for me. I don't run alone. I hate it. The main reason I run is to get out with my girls and talk. I've been running for 2 years, and the furthest I've ever gone by myself is 4 miles, and I've only done that twice. But I was bound and determined to prove to myself that I could do more than that by myself, that it was just a mental roadblock. And it was! Now I know it's possible... but still don't want to make it a habit.

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  1. I'm so proud of you! It sounds like Fitness Pal has given you the motivation you were looking for!


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