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Friday, October 8, 2010

Traci - Week of THE MARATHON!

I've been having some serious anxiety all week. However, it really got to me this morning when I checked in on Southwest.com. That was scary. That means we are really leaving in the morning and really have to do this. Even though I'm really nervous and have no idea what to expect, I'm looking forward to this. It is a great opportunity and a huge accomplishment. Push, pull or drag, I will cross that finish line.

This week has been another one to go down in the books at work. But today, as I was leaving, I was thankful for my crappy week. It actually made running a marathon seem like fun and something I couldn't wait to do. And this is how I should feel. I've also been seeing all these people post on Facebook how they can't wait for the weekend, yada yada. Me? I'm scared to death of this weekend and just wanted it to never come. But it's here, and I'm going to embrace it and make the best of it.

See you in the morning Chi-town!

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