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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jen Week 15 What What!


We are on the home stretch and it feels so good! I am 100% excited for Sunday, nerves have gone away with the training runs and this is where we can sit back and enjoy the next 26.2 miles. I mentioned to Traci on our last long run that I was kind of emotional that this was our last long run together but in my heart I know its not...right Traci :) I have learned so much about my runner partners and am so blessed to call them a few of my best friends, opened my eyes to new directions/beliefs and pushed myself when I thought my body was going to give in. I have proved to myself that I am can do anything!

I can remember last fall when I was biking with Cori and Traci as they where training for the gobbler grind and thinking how I would love to be doing this with them and sharing in the training process but baby Mia was not allowing me to run period. Fast forward 11 months and only one of us finish that 1/2 marathon and I am grateful..sorry Cori. Had they both completed that I have no doubt in my mind they would have set their goals for a full in the spring because that's how they roll and I would have missed out on this wonderful experience with them. God's plan works every time!! So this is "our" time and we are making the most of it! Excited beyond words and so so blessed to be here in this moment.


  1. There always is a perfect plan if we trust. :) Love ya!

  2. I never thought of it that way. I'm glad it worked out that way too... I guess. I would have still loved to run the Gobbler with both of you though.

  3. we would have ran so much slower :) and we where soo proud hehe


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