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Friday, October 8, 2010

Cori --- Marathon Weekend Eve

I feel like this post should start, "Twas the night before Christmas..."

Do I have time to post? No. Are my to-do lists all checked? No. But I'm getting over the stomach flu, and I have to take frequent rest periods, so multi-tasking here I come!

I have posted 6 pages of instructions for how to care for my children. Even the Gremlins only had two rules, and ironically, they're on my list, too.
Don't get them wet!
Don't feed after midnight!

I don't think I have ever been so nervous in my life. I was nervous before my wedding, but I knew at day's end, I'd be married and it would all be good.
I was nervous before I gave birth, but I knew what to expect.
But this, this is unchartered territory.....
All I focus on now are things that may make a 26.2 mile run slightly uncomfortable. Like my cramping stomach, and my throbbing left toenail. I want to feel perfect, damn it! Because even under the best of circumstances, this is going to be brutal.

Here's the motto that I'm repeating to myself today.

Have fun. This is exciting! A lot of people will never experience this. Just get through it, and pray. Pray that I don't bleed through my shoes. Pray that my stomach returns to normal. Pray that my legs feel good. Live in the moment. This is going to be a mile marker in my life, and I don't want to cast a shadow over it by clouding it with worry.

Thank you, God, for getting me to Friday, October 8th.


(Like that? I think I'm Ryan Seacrest.)

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