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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Jen Recap 3 runs

49:23 pace 9:50 this is the fastest I have ever done a 5 mile race! I had a runners high for a week, I know to most that this would be a slower time but there was a point in the race when we where running a 7 min mile and we looked fast too, finally :) thanks Traci for your competitive spirt!

The 14 and 16 runs where great, body felt good, nailed down my water, gu, Gatorade intake...then came the 18 miler. I felt like I was setting myself up to fail because I had two great runs and just knew I had to come down off my high. Well the 18 didn't disappoint! Body felt great until 10 miles and then my right shin started burning BAD! This lead to a foot/ankle pain from running different trying to compensate for the ache shin. Cardio wise I felt good, but my body was broken.

I finally got in the extra runs along with swimming twice, I guess 10 weeks into the training is better than never, right? Trying really hard to buckle down on the cross training and nutrition for the next 35 day. I'm tired of losing the same damn 2 pounds every week, weekends are evil.

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  1. Way to rock out that Tiblow girls! Waahoo! And good job sticking with it through the pain, you are better women then me! :)
    good job


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