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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cori --- It's a Learning Process....

This has been a really good week.

Last Friday = L18
Sat = Off
Sun = Off
Mon = Off
Tues = SL8
Wed = Physical Therapy
Thur = Physical Therapy
Fri = L20

There has not been a lot of cross-training going on. The long runs have been so hard on my body that I felt like I needed the rest more than anything. I finished my Medrol dose pack this week, and started P.T. Wednesday we did AStym on the right leg. You can read more about it by clicking on it. It was pretty painful, but tolerable. It also left me bruised from ankle to groin on that side. Thursday was soft tissue massage and Ultrasound. Even on my "off" days, I spend at least an hour ice-ing, stretching, and doing P.T. exercises. I also bought new shoes last week. The Nike Vomero:
Runner's World picked them as tehe #1 Neutral Running Shoe. I have very high arches, so I have to wear neutral shoes. They were about $40 more than my last running shoes, but I was looking for a miracle, and willing to shell out almost any amount.

I also switched my running fuel. I prefer Shot Blox. But I was not eating enough of them to keep my energy up. They are bulky, and you have to carry a lot of them on long runs. I finally switched to Gu, and only for convenience sake.
I find it disguisting, and at times it makes me dry heave to even feel it touch my tongue. But it does the job. My heart rate has not gone above 170 during training since I started using it, and it's much easier to carry 4 packets of Gu in my pocket. I can also eat it more quickly than the shot blox. My stomach is not loving it, though. Speaking of stomach sensitivity, Gatorade can keep me in the bathroom for hours. Once we get to Chicago I am avoiding the sports drink, taking my Gu and water, and bringing chewable Pepto Bismol. I never knew that running was such a scientific experience, but it feels like I'm constantly trying new "formulas" to enhance my performance. (And by enhance, I mean "trying to complete a run without wanting to die".)

L20 was the best run I have ever had. I still can't believe it. For the first time I ran with normal pain as opposed to injured pain. It was so enjoyable. I wanted to cry with happiness. It wasn't easy by any means, but I finally think I can do this race. To God be ALL of the glory for that. I feel like He has led me to the right people, and I'm finally getting on track physically. Better late than never, right?

Best part of the L20? Our Garmins hit "20" miles about 1/2 mile from our cars. Jen's husband was waiting in the parking lot for us. We actually called him and made him come pick us up. Yes, let's reiterate that: We ran TWENTY miles and then made Jen's husband pick us up rather than walk 1/2 mile to our cars. We just couldn't go any further. As Jen dialed she said, "There's no shame in our game, this sister is done!"


Haven't measured this week. Weight is still at 140. I am really happy with that. I feel so much more "muscley" than usual. My skinny jeans are no longer tight. They were even tight when I bought them, so that is super exciting to me. I am nervous to start tapering though, because I am eating everything that's not tied down. Especially meat. I crave hamburgers lately. In the last 8 days we ran 46 miles! No wonder our metabolisms are fast. Now that we're slowing it down I'm going to have to be more careful and weight watcher-y. I fear going backwards, because it's been such a long road to get here. After I gave birth to Cooper, in January 2008, I weighed 210 pounds. That baby made me so fat! (Not your fault, Coop, but take one for the team, please.) I am already thinking about what race I'll do next---full steam ahead. Maybe not a marathon, but something....

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