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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What's My Name?

Week: .... I don't know.

Stats:... I don't know that either.

It's all running together, and I forgot to keep writing stuff down. Where did my short term memory go? I used to have one. All I can recall is that since my last post there was a glorious 18 miler and the 5 mile Tiblow Trot. (Whaddup 66012?!) Those are the highlights. Everything else was status quo; Run, Cross Train, Run some more, then when we can't take anymore---Run again.

We are having a good time. I love to train. I love to train more than race day. On race day there are too many nerves, stomach issues, vomit, etc. Training is just sweating and laughing. Speaking of laughing, want to know how we warmed up for the Tiblow Trot? We sat in my car and listened to this:

Click HERE.

There it is. Tangible proof that we really do not realize that it is 2012 and that we are all mothers in our 30s. 2/3 of our team is from the Dotte, that will be our excuse. But it's the girl from Wyoming who does a very good dance where she lasso's imaginary things and spanks the air that always surprises me.

Running is good for the soul. It forces you to be real and accept who you are. It helps you to assess your strengths, and puts a glaring spotlight on your weaknesses. (Note to self: Will not cry during marathon this time.) When I run, I don't feel like a 37 year-old with a plate full of responsibilities. I just feel like the girl I used to be. (The girl I used to be who now has to wear SPF 50 to avoid that leathery/wrinkly neck thing you see on women---blecch.) I did not meet Jen and Traci until we were adults, but it is safe to say that they know me better than anyone on earth, except my husband. Over the last 3 years we have each told her our life stories over hundreds of miles. (Crazy fact: When I cleared the history on my Garmin I had 900 miles on it last year.) You cannot put on a front or pretend to be someone that you are not when you are physically beat down and exhausted. Nor is there much you can hide from people who have witnessed you peeing on the side of the road.

That's why there is always another race---because who really wants training to end?

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  1. I'm sorry, but how do you not spank the air when you hear that song?!!!!


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