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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cori -- Week 6 and Week 7

Week of July 22 Stats:

Monday: Swim x 45 min
Tuesday: 6 Mile Run
Wednesday: Turn & Burn Class x 60 min
Thursday: 6 Mile Run
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 16 mile run

Week of July 29 Stats:

Monday: Elliptical x 30 min, Strength training
Tuesday: 4 Mile Run
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: 5.5 Mile Run
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 12 Mile Run

Oh peeps, we are TIRED.

We are at that point in training where our muscles feel fatigued and we feel broken. But we are doing it. And we're doing 90% of it together---that's what keeps me going. I do not know how people train for a marathon without a partner to hold you accountable. Sooo necessary.

New shoes this week---a necessity. Still using my Newton Gravity shoes. They are glorious! And my precious husband found the model they are phasing out online for $111---Big savings from the usual $175 plus tax. I was thrilled. It's the model I was already running in, so it works for me.

I need to buckle it down from here on out---better nutrition, more sleep, more fluids. Becaue next week our mileage increases about 30% and we start speed workouts. We haven't even begun to see "broken" yet.

Ingram out.

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