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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Traci - Bathroom Breaks

Yesterday marked my first official day of training since I was off all weekend being super dehydrated and basking in the sun. But those days are now over. I have been dreading one part of training for quite a while now. H2O. Agua. Water. I don't like it. Never have. I'm a pop drinking fool. My grandpa owned a Pepsi plant and distributor so I always had all the pop I wanted and (good or bad) my parents never limited me. On an average day, I drink a Slimfast on the way to work, 1-2 cups of coffee upon arriving at my desk, a pop at lunch, sometimes a "get me to 5 0'clock pop," and a pop with dinner. That's it... no water. So as I read in our training manual that I must drink 100 oz. of water a day, I just about passed out. But, Sir Eladio also gave me a tip on how to go about drinking that much water in one day. He says that your body won't hold more than 20 oz. in one hour, it will just flush it out and therefore it doesn't do your body any good. And we gotta do this body good. So, he suggests picking 5 hours of the day and drinking 5 oz. every 15 minutes for those hours. And you know what? It works, and it's pretty darn easy. Yesterday I drank 113 oz. of water and today so far I've had about 70. Oh yeah, and you are only supposed to pee 5-7 times a day. Um, not so much. I was getting my crosstraining in just in my trips to the bathroom! But, since I have 30 more oz. to drink tonight, peace out.

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  1. 100??? I do good to get 16 oz! Crap, I must have missed that. How could I be ignoring Eladio the God? dang...I better get crackin!


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