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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jennifer- First Attempt

Okay so why am I more nervous to post my very first entry on any blog than to run this crazy race? I'm sure its because I am posting with the funniest girls I know and my stories just aren't that cleaver. Two days until I start this crazy journey again, yes again..this will be my 3rd marathon, 2nd in Chicago. But a lot has changed in the last six years since my last marathon, I've added 2 more children to our family (one just 11 weeks ago) not to mention I am nursing so my challenge this round will be to manage my nutrition and water intake to compensate for all the lost fluid. So a little about the old girl of the group..Mom of three girls, Married to a supportive husband, competitive only not when it comes to running because I am a finisher, I could care less what the clock says when I cross that finish line...in other words I'm slow! At one time in my life I would consider myself athletic but as the years pass so does my ability to do many skills gracefully. I am ready, excited to start this journey and can not wait to stand at the starting line in the Chicago wind blowing in my hair and my ears listening to 40,000 participants screams of excitement, look out here we come!

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